Trane Indoor Air Quality Systems

indoor air quality system - traneLiving with air quality concerns is more than uncomfortable.  You may be jeopardizing your family’s health, facing property damage, paying higher than necessary energy bills, and replacing HVAC equipment prematurely.  Airborne contaminants, fumes, bacterial growth, pet dander, excess humidity, overly dry air, and dust are big problems with significant consequences.  Fortunately, these issues are easily resolved.  The air quality specialists from Schiller Air Conditioning Co., Inc. help you determine where to start and how to sustain a clean and healthy indoor environment.

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Family owned and operated, we at Schiller Air Conditioning Co., Inc. make indoor air quality in New Caney, TX and surrounding areas our priority.  Our licensed technicians accurately diagnose the indoor environment, create a targeted strategy, and deliver long-term solutions. Our partnership with Trane gives us access to top-of-the-line air quality accessories, we answer even the toughest challenges and offer whole-home improvement.  Quiet, low-maintenance, and technologically advanced Trane air purifiers, germicidal UV lamps, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, and heat recovery ventilators effectively protect your health and home, letting you breathe easier.  Call on Schiller Air Conditioning Co., Inc. at (832) 777-7761, and we won’t recommend anything you don’t want or need.  We deliver satisfying results across New Caney, TX, Porter, TX, and Kingwood, TX.